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"the planning or coordination of the elements of a situation to produce a desired effect."

-- Oxford Dictionary


DevOps orchestration is the compulsory provisioning approach AXIMCloud uses for Cloud infrastructure delivery and is a bedrock principle present in nearly all of our customers' implementations. DevOps is woven culturally into AXIMCloud's approach and we setup our customers to enjoy the consistency and rapid delivery associated with DevOps principles to our customers via  technologies from AWS, Docker, etc. AXIMCloud will configure orchestration tools automate your organization's Cloud infrastructure. Some of the most common mechanisms include:

  • Compute, storage or database instance/volume provisioning

  • Network Infrastructure provisioning and configuration (read: DRE turn-up)

  • Configuration Management

  • Application Deployment

  • Validation

  • Continuous Integration

Your solution's infrastructure orchestration will rapidly and reliably implement the best practices we’ve developed during our decade long partnership with AWS. AXIMCloud will assist your organization in realizing the Cloud automation benefits which will release IT and operations teams from repetitive, time-demanding tasks - allowing them to instead focus on business-critical objectives and innovation. Additionally, higher risk workflows - such as code deployments - are mitigation via the consistency of automation.


  • Do members of your IT and operations staff spend time on routine infrastructure management tasks?

  • Are you looking to reduce the amount of time to market and enable continuous delivery of your applications?

  • Is your organization interested in harnessing automated testing and continuous integration?

  • Is your organization looking for experienced guidance on which workflows and applications are good candidates for automation?

  • Would you like to homogenize your code deployments from DEV > STAGING > PROD > DR?

  • Is your organization looking to reduce the risk during business-critical workflows?

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