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Whether you are planning a “Lift and Shift” data center migration, or refactoring existing applications for use on the AWS cloud platform, let AXIMCloud leverage their deep AWS expertise to guide you and guarantee a smooth and successful deployment. 



As one of the original an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Consulting Partners, AXIMCloud has the experience and expertise to migrate data-center wide, complex architectures to the Cloud in accordance with best practice and required compliance levels. When you make the move to the Cloud - one of the single most effective strategies in setting up your organization for success is partnering with an experienced AWS services company who can help navigate you on a path to achieving the benefits of a cost effective, agile, and scalable infrastructure platform.

AXIMCloud possesses the experience required to successful migrate infrastructure and application workflows for a wide cross-section of customers of all sizes and industries. Our migration planning methodology has been proven effective and leads to a seamless transition of your data and infrastructure assets to the Cloud while optimizing for cost, extensibility, stability and security. Whether your organization is migrating from an internal data center or from another Cloud provider - we have a proven, customizable, comprehensive strategy to meet your specific requirements and goals while adhering to best-practices. 


  1. Strategy and roadmap to facilitate decisions such as how cloud can best be used for your organization, which applications are a best fit for cloud, and whether a proof of concept is needed.

  2. Infrastructure audit to examine the existing infrastructure and compare it to current standards and best practices in security, availability, scalability, infrastructure automation, monitoring, proactive prevention of failures, and disaster recovery.

  3. Architecture design to gather requirements, create logical and network diagrams, and create cloud architecture documents.

  4. Automation with proven, cutting-edge cloud technologies, including deep automation with Amazon CloudFormation, Chef, and Docker.

  5. Deployment of the new cloud production, staging, and test environments.

  6. Testing of all functionality at scale and high load.

  7. Cutover from the old infrastructure/app to the new cloud deployment, including complete data migration and low downtime.

  8. Full documentation of your new cloud infrastructure to enable you to get your team up to speed faster. If your team needs ongoing support after launch, we offer multiple levels of Cloud managed services.

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