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Why AXIMCloud?

AXIMCloud - an Amazon Web Services (AWS) solution partner since the inception of the program (2011) - is a trusted provider for Fortune 500 companies, Government Organizations, Small Businesses and Educational Institutions. AXIMCloud clients enjoy dramatically decreased IT expenditure for deployed solutions that scale dynamically in alignment with their business growth.

AXIMCloud is a global team of Cloud specialists dedicated to leading your business to operational success and efficiency via proven best-practice driven Cloud computing strategies. AXIMCloud's Network Operations Center (NOC) engineers are responsive, effective and professional. 

Prior to partnering with AWS, AXIMCloud was among the first Google Enterprise partners (2007) and has assisted Companies and Organizations in their migration to the Cloud since the beginning of the concept. Most AXIMCloud engineers have a Software Engineering background enabling them to be hyper effective in forensic troubleshooting of application data flow, solution load analysis and security analysis.



AXIMCloud - The Company We Keep

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