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Cost and Performance Optimization

AximCloud’s guide allows our customers to choose price AND performance

Overview of Cost and Performance Optimization for AWS Cloud Infrastructure


AWS cloud infrastructure offers a range of benefits for customers, such as scalability, reliability, security, and flexibility. A common customer discussion we have is always around the time-consuming challenge of managing and optimizing cloud resources. Let AximCloud help you realize your business goals and maximize your AWS cloud infrastructure ROI.  

Using a combination of best practices, automated tooling and our own continuous improvement methodology, AximCloud’s experienced team will reduce cloud costs, improve cloud performance, and at the same time enhance security and compliance.

Cost Optimization

Minimize your cloud spend while maintaining or improving the desired level of performance and quality. AximCloud enables customers to save money, avoid waste, and allocate their cloud budget more efficiently.


Here’s how we do it:

Infrastructure Audits

We conduct regular audits of every customer’s cloud infrastructure to identify and eliminate any inefficiencies, redundancies, or underutilized resources.  Our infrastructure audits regularly identify spikes and runaway costs and report on root causes, immediately remediating those that are not adding business value.

Best-Practice Reconciliation

AximCloud repeatedly and rigorously compares our customers infrastructure against the AWS Well-Architected Framework and our own tested and established best practices to ensure that customers are following optimal design and configuration principles for their cloud architecture.

Cost Optimization

We also analyze customers' cloud spending and usage patterns and recommend ways to reduce their cloud costs, such as resizing or terminating unused or overprovisioned resources, choosing the right pricing model (e.g., on-demand, reserved, or spot instances), leveraging AWS cost management tools (e.g., AWS Cost Explorer, AWS Budgets, or AWS Cost and Usage Reports), and applying AWS cost optimization strategies (e.g., using auto-scaling, load balancing, or caching).

Continuous Rightsizing

Is AximCloud’s approach to monitor and adjust customers' cloud resource sizes and types to match their actual needs and demands. 

Flexible Scaling

AximCloud leverages the flexibility of the cloud to always find the right balance between cost and performance for customers' cloud resources. Needs and business demands are never static, your IT service provider shouldn’t be either.


AximCloud’s proven scaling strategies (e.g., using horizontal or vertical scaling, predictive or reactive scaling, or manual or automatic scaling) help customers save money by paying only for the resources that they use.

Performance Optimization

Performance optimization helps our customers improve their cloud speed, scalability, stability, and security. Experience all the ways AximCloud delivers: 

Performance Testing

AximCloud conducts regular performance tests of customers' cloud applications and services to measure, evaluate, identify, and resolve any performance issues or risks. This ensures our customers that their applications and services are meeting their throughput, availability, and response time requirements and expectations. 

Performance Monitoring

AximCloud uses AWS performance monitoring tools (e.g., AWS CloudWatch, AWS X-Ray, or AWS CloudTrail) and our own dev ops tooling to continuously monitor and analyze customers' cloud performance and usage metrics. Visibility and insights into usage patterns and trends, such as CPU utilization, memory usage, disk I/O, network traffic, or API calls, can help us detect and diagnose performance anomalies or issues, such as spikes, drops, or errors, and take corrective actions accordingly.

Performance, Quality, Security Improvement

AximCloud uses our proven continuous improvement methodology and AWS tooling (e.g., AWS CloudFormation, AWS Lambda, or AWS DynamoDB) to optimize our customers' operations and security posture.  During our performance audits we deliver a security check up, that includes (audits of S3 Bucket Permissions, Security Groups, Ports Restrictions, IAM Use, Use of MFA on Root Account and configuration of EBS Public Snapshots / RDS Public Snapshots)

Code and Database Optimization

For our approach to Code Optimization and Database Optimization please check out the detailed AximCloud Application Modernization delivery model.

Network Optimization

AximCloud helps customers optimize their network performance and reliability by using best network practices, such as choosing the right network type and service (e.g., public or private, AWS VPC or AWS Direct Connect), configuring and securing the network components, such as subnets, gateways, routes, or firewalls, optimizing the network bandwidth and latency, and using network acceleration and distribution services, such as AWS CloudFront or AWS Global Accelerator.


With great power comes great responsibility. AWS offers customers an infinite range of flexible offerings, let AximCloud be the cloud infrastructure experts so that you can focus on managing and operating your business. We can optimize costs and performance at the same time, and we deliver it all with the security, governance and compliance your organization requires

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