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"Without Big Data Analytics, companies are blind and deaf, wandering out onto the web like deer on a freeway.”

-- Geoffrey Moore


AXIMCloud is a trusted Big Data Solutions practitioner with deep expertise in end-to-end, large volume, wide variance, and rapid velocity Big Data Cloud implementations. AXIMCloud offer the full continuum of Big Data services, including design and architecture of platforms, data structures, ETL processing, infrastructure medium and downstream business analytics and data visualization. AWS based Big Data Solutions empower organizations to harvest and analyze wide cross-sections of data from countless of sources boasting real-time processing and offering better data consumption engagement. 


  • Harvest new insights based on rules-driven event models and trend analysis produced by Big Data analytics.

  • Identify opportunities via Big Data analysis through pattern analysis assistive in evolving existing workflows or offerings.

  • Implement data workflows utilizing Big Data Lenses to provide relevancy to downstream data consumers.

  • Innovate offerings via Big Data analysis of user perception based on different business strategies.

  • Execute risk analyses via Big Data predictive analytics.

  • Reduce data storage costs with Big Data tools and workflows enabling a wider, longitudinal data set to drive organizational steering decisions.

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